World-class web consulting for non-profits!

We've worked with some of the best intergovernmental and non-profit organizations building complex, interactive web sites and applications in English, French, Arabic and Spanish.

Details oriented

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We strive for perfection and no detail is too small to be fixed.

Future proof

We build using the latest platforms while planning for the future. Our sites work great on existing devices, and are easy to upgrade.

Full service

We provide the full cycle of development, from needs analysis to design, content management configuration and webmastering.

Automated Website Translation

Through our service Sprawk we offer a fully-hosted and managed website translation solution.

Our unique technology crawls your site for any text that can be translated. We manage the translators and editors, and our special web server serves the translated version of your site. You update in one language and we handle the rest.

Our Work

Some sites we've created recently:

CNet screenshot

Electoral Cycle circle

Electoral Cycle
IDEA screenshot (mobile version)

International IDEA
QuotaProject (in Spanish)

UID screenshot

Unified Database
GC screenshot

Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security

Skills and Expertise

Our team collectively has a broad spectrum of skills that we can offer.


We can help you build a new Drupal site with a unique theme, responsive design, and custom features. We can migrate your old content and provide hosting through our partner Acquia.

MySQL databases

We've worked with MySQL databases for over 10 years and can help you optimize, consolidate or migrate your databases to cloud services such as Amazon AWS or to MongoDB.


Mongo is the world's leading ‘NoSQL’ document database. We run a large Mongo cluster as part of our Sprawk translation service, and have experience optimizing and migrating from older data formats.


We build all our sites using the new HTML5 markup. We find this particularly important for accessibility and on mobile devices.


As much as possible we use CSS3 for developing site visual identities. There are still some limitations with Internet Explorer, but generally this helps us build sites that load faster and look better on retina displays.


We run all our servers on Linux (either CentOS or Amazon's Linux AMI). We can help you migrate your existing Linux servers to Amazon or other cloud services, or simply upgrade your Linux to the latest secure version.


We've developed many enterprise systems in Java, including our own Sprawk service. We prefer Java for developing complex services with exposed APIs such as custom databases and search systems where performance is critical.


We use Tomcat internally for many projects, and find it the best solution for managing servlets and JSP. We can help optimize your Tomcat instances with load balancing, security integration and more.


We develop custom modules for Drupal with PHP, but also can create custom PHP for existing sites running other PHP content management systems.

Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make my existing site responsive for mobile devices?

Yes! We have extensive experience adding a responsive 'layer' to existing websites. We can work with almost any content management system and add special layout and navigation when people visit from phones or tablets.

Can you add another language to my site ?

Yes! In most situations we can add a second or third language to your site without any expensive changes to your existing website. By using our Sprawk website translation service, we can tailor a plugin or proxy to add more languages.

We can employ our network of professional translators and editors or work with your in-house or agency translators. Just contact us to discuss your needs.

What platforms do you use?

We have worked with many platforms in the past, including WordPress, Java-based CMS, CommonSpot (and ColdFusion), but prefer to build new sites with Drupal/PHP where possible.

We pride ourselves on developing responsive, accessible websites and use the Bootstrap platform to create sites that can easily grow with your needs.

Where do you work?

We have consultants in Stockholm, Sweden and Paris, France. We usually work long-term with our clients, building the website and then maintaining the site throughout its lifecycle.

We prefer to work closely with our clients, and work from their offices where possible.

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